Corporate Rebels

A workplace hero tour

The progressive business movement is blessed with many great thinkers and do-ers. Across the world, truly inspiring people shine a light on how we can make work and commerce better for humanity. At Meaning we welcome a mere fraction of these great thinkers to the stage. But how about the others? How do we we make space for all the wisdom that’s on offer? For two young Dutchmen, this feels like a problem worth solving.

Pim de Morree and Joost Minnaar decided to quit their jobs and set off on a mission to travel the world, meeting and learning from pioneers in workplace wellbeing and happiness – ticking off the heroes on their Bucket List as they go.

And as Pim and Joost learn, they share. At Meaning, they invite you to join them in a session where you’ll hear about their experiences and the conversations they’ve enjoyed on their quest.

There will be lots of time for questions and discussion. Meanwhile, sign up to the Corporate Rebels blog to hear about their adventures as they happen.


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Corporate Rebels
A workplace hero tour

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