Jo Berry

Conflict transformation

In 1984 an IRA bomb, planted in the Grand Hotel in Brighton, killed Jo Berry’s father. Jo knew she had a choice: to harbour feelings of hatred and anger, or to seek understanding and so bring peace back into her life. She chose peace and has since dedicated her life to conflict transformation work through her charity ‘Building Bridges for Peace‘.

In addition to her talk at Meaning 2016 Jo will be hosting an intimate workshop. This will be an opportunity  to go deeper into the process of reconciliation and conflict transformation.

Drawing on her experiences of working with Patrick Magee, the Brighton bomber, Jo will create a safe place to explore how we choose to respond to the behaviour of others.

During the session you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of our personal response to being hurt
  • Learn how to challenge another’s behaviour without blame or judgement
  • Explore the concept of choice in how we respond to challenges
  • Understand how empathy and compassion may be applied to heal fractured relationships at home and at work
  • Experience connection with the ‘other’ and our own humanity

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Jo Berry
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