Meaningful work ecosystems

with Professor Katie Bailey

What makes work meaningful or, conversely, meaningless? How should we identify and define meaningful work?

Professor Katie Bailey of the University of Sussex has conducted research – with 135 people in 10 widely different jobs – that reveals new insights into what organisations can do to foster meaningful work. At Meaning 2016, Katie will share her findings, which were recently published in the Sloan Management Review, and invite us to co-create a shared understanding of what makes a ‘meaningfulness ecosystem’.

This workshop should be an eye-opener for managers, HR professionals and leaders from all sectors, and for consultants wishing to raise their awareness and understanding of how to help clients foster a sense of real meaning in the workplace.

During the workshop you will:

  • Learn about the five surprising qualities of meaningful work
  • Reflect on the meaningfulness of your own work
  • Discover the ‘seven deadly sins’ that lead people to find their work meaningless
  • Take away a prototype of a meaningfulness ecosystem – co-created with others in the workshop


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