The Life You Can Save

The power of giving

We know money is powerful. We also know that money – and the decisions we make about it – can be abstract, difficult and contradictory. The act of giving can be a powerful action that contributes to our own sense of happiness. But when we give money to charity, how do we decide who we give our money to, and how much to give?

The Life You Can Save is an organisation that helps us understand our charitable giving – and provides solid and useful appraisals of where our money can do the most good. It’s a movement founded by renowned ethicist Peter Singer as an effective way to help the global poor.

At Meaning, The Life You Can Save will host a workshop that will inspire us – through discussion, games and exercises – to think again about what really motivates our attitudes towards money, charity and the way we help others.

This session will be particularly useful for for people in the not-for-profit sector, or anyone working in the area of corporate social responsibility.

During the session you will:

  • Explore what motivates us to give your time and your money to charitable causes

  • Gain an understanding of how we can have greater impact as individuals and as part of an organisation

  • Learn to measure impact and value in non-financial terms

  • Experience the happiness of giving and how to use that as an employee engagement and retention tool.

Your host for this session will be Nick Hopkinson, Director for Development, The Life You Can Save

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