Becoming a B Corp

Fireside chat with COOK

What does it mean to embark upon making the practical concrete steps to change your business for the better? Is it really feasible for large commercial organisations to become the kind of companies that have a positive impact on the world?

Around the world, more and more of them are turning to the idea of B Corp certification. B Corps are a breed of businesses who have undergone rigorous audits on their ethics, environmental credentials and accountability, in order to be awarded B Corp status – a highly sought-after accreditation.

Your host for this cosy fireside chat will be Scott Drummond of B Lab UK, the organisation that awards B Corp certification in this country. He will be interviewing Charlotte Sewell, social impact manager of frozen food retailer COOK – one of 90 UK businesses who have earned B Corp status. And together, Charlotte and Scott will be shedding some light on what it’s like to go through the process of truly improving your business practices and ensuring your values are reflected in the way you work.

Bring your curiosity and your questions for this interactive session.

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